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Francesca de Valence
Happy Monday Friends,

I love the start to my week, which begins with a Songwriting Workshop at a drop-in centre for the homeless each Monday. These beautiful people have taught me so much about community and creativity. I hope your week starts in a fulfilling way too.

I have skills, music and news to share with you.


MON 18 - FRI 22 SEPT

I have been asked by awesome people like yourself to run songwriting workshops for kids and beginner adult songwriters. So finally, I'm doing it. I will start this community songwriting program with a songwriting workshop in Brisbane this school holiday for 12-16 year olds (I will accept enthusiastic 17 yo too).

Learn how to write songs through simple and targeted lessons, creative improvisation and development of practical skills. Participants will aim to write a song every day over the five-day program. This program will be limited to twelve participants to allow for adequate 1-on-1 instruction and creative development. The program suits open-minded and enthusiastic participants with a musical background and a basic level of instrumental skill (piano or guitar) and vocal confidence.




I'm thrilled to be hosting the Brisbane House Concert for I Heart Songwriting Club's SPELLBOUND: Synchronised Halloween House Concerts happening in both Sydney and Brisbane. The Brissy show will be held in The Gap and my awesome friends are performing at the Sydney one.

Featuring original songs and performances by members of I Heart Songwriting Club:
Brisbane concert - Francesca de Valence, Gabby Gregory, Bruce Colledge and Claudia Allard (Jabberwocky Down), plus many guest artists.
Sydney concert - Helen Perris, Jäger Music, Freya Lindblom, Louise Charman-James, Selena Cheyne and Vanessa Forbes, and special Brisbane guest, Natalie de Jager.

This event is your chance to join in the creative fun and dress to impress or scare! Prizes will be on offer for the most creative costume.




3 years ago today, I started a little club. I started it because I felt so unsupported and isolated as a songwriter and so did many of my songwriting friends. I followed my instinct to bring us together to support each other, to make songwriting fun again and not just about writing a 'hit' and to make songwriting happen more often.

This lil Club is now a fully fledged toddler called I Heart Songwriting Club with members from all over Australia, UK, Germany, Canada, Spain, USA, New Zealand and even Brazil. Last count we had written over 5000 songs. These songs are being played live at gigs, recorded on albums, and being played on radio. But more so, these songs are changing people's lives - in the making and sharing of these songs, with each other in the club and far beyond.

We are now reaching out wider and writing songs with people from disadvantaged communities. We are learning that absolutely anybody can write a song - essentially it's storytelling.

And we even have a choir!!! The choir performed at BIGSOUND this week singing with Mama Kin Spender who wrote so much of their new material in I Heart Songwriting Club. From little things...

And so finally I will be sharing with you, in 2 weeks time, my new BRAND NEW SINGLE and MUSIC VIDEO,  of course, written as part of I Heart Songwriting Club. This one may just make you lift off!!!

All the love