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Francesca de Valence

Dear Francesca

Happy New Year! I hope you had a relaxing holiday.

"Own Self" is on Radio

As 2016 begins for me I'm still revelling in the momentum of the new "Own Self" Album which made it to no. 9 on the iTunes charts, spent 3 weeks in the AMRAP AirIt Top 10 Radio Charts and even had it's first spin on US Radio. You can hear my music on radio now. Is your local community radio station playing my music? You can contact them directly and request my music. FBi, 4ZZZ, RRR, Edge, DDD, RTRFM are some of the bigger metropolitan community radio stations but your smaller local area will have its own. It doesn't cost the stations anything to order my music directly through AMRAP, that's if they haven't added it to their playlist already. 

Want to House a House Concert in 2016? 

I'm going to be touring the album soon and will soon announce my tour dates. Would you like to host a house concert whilst I'm on the road? Send me an email or reply to this email to register your interest and I'll get back to you directly. 

Order Your Copy of "Own Self"

Buy a Signed Physical "Own Self" CD - for $30 plus postage

Buy/Gift "Own Self" Album on iTunes Now - for $16.99

I look forward to seeing you sometime this year. I wish you a fantastic 2016. 

With love,

Francesca de Valence