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Francesca de Valence

Happy New Year Friends!

Did you stay up til midnight and make a list of New Year's resolutions? I went to bed early and drove to a beautiful beach for sunrise (see my glorious pic below). I was pleasantly surprised to see many people welcoming the new year the same way. My outlook for 2017 is to take it to the next level. 

Kicking off 2017 is a concert, a single release and a new music video. 

The details for the single release will be announced very soon, but I can tell you I've already taken it to the next level featuring a rap in the track. I can assure you, I used a professional to do such a thing! Though, you never know what the future holds. Watch this space for more info. 

Songs of Our Land and Home - Australia Day Live Concert (Brisbane)
Fri 27 Jan - 7-9.30pm

The Henderson Art Gallery, South Brisbane
$15-20, Bookings Essential

No doubt there is far more to celebrating our country than the traditional day off in January, a bash in the backyard, a few beers and a lamb chop. Many of us also experience a deep cultural and spiritual connection, although its significance is often not so easily expressed. Local members from the I Heart Songwriting Club have written songs that speak of what the term, "our land and our home" means to them, and these songs are being presented in concert at The Henderson Art Gallery, South Brisbane. This exhibition space displays the works of local artists, including First Nations artist Robert Henderson. Joining them on the day will be esteemed music critic and author, Noel Mengel, who has kindly agreed to share some material from his upcoming book.

At this special Australia Day live event, brand new original songs will be premiered from I Heart Songwriting Club members Francesca de Valence (that's me!), Edward Buckridge, Brooke Austen, as well as guest performers from within the club.

A pre-purchased ticket is the only way to attend and these events are often sold out. We hope you can join us and honour Our Land and Home in a slightly different way this year. 

I hope 2017 is next level for you too. 

All the Love

Francesca de Valence