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Hello Francesca!

I've been looking forward to (which, to an artist, also means: dreading) sending you this email. Why? Because putting myself 'out there' is scary, but an essential part of staying alive as an artist. Sometimes the dread seems to have the dominant power... so fears aside, here is what I've been looking forward to sharing. 

"The Fighter" is on TV

Over the past month, my single "The Fighter" has received television airtime on ABC's rage program. I've loved receiving messages from my supporters saying they saw "The Fighter" on TV over the weekend.  If you haven't yet seen this music video, it's simple. Just click the link below to watch it on Youtube. 

Click here to watch "The Fighter"

Triple J Unearthed

So some of the scary stuff has been uploading "The Fighter" onto Triple J Unearthed, and then leaving the listening, reviewing and sharing in the hands of others - others who have the power to make or break you as an artist. 

With your support, my music has the opportunity to move up through the charts, which could end up with radio play on a commercial radio station (like Triple J). That's pretty powerful stuff!

As my beloved supporter, would you please do 3 simple things to help me get into the charts?

1. Play Me - Could you please click here and play "The Fighter" as many times as you can sanely do?

2. Review Me - Register on the Triple J website (if you're not already), Play the track and, where you see it in your jukebox, click the icon to rate and review (make it a good one, hey?). Whilst you're there, click the other icons to share the link on your social media pages and "love" me. 

3. Share Me - Would you also share this Triple J Unearthed link with 1 friend who you think would like my music? Here is the direct link:

 Play "The Fighter" on Triple J Unearthed to help me get me get radio play 

"Songs of Love and War" Wrap Up

The two month national tour of "Songs of Love and War" ended in May with a Secret House Concert in Brisbane. It was such a fantastic and intimate way to end such a successful tour which took us all around the East Coast of Australia. I am so thankful for everyone who came along, to the venues who hosted us, and to the lovely Emma Dean whom I shared the stage with each show.  I have written up all about our tour shenanigans with some back stage and never before seen photos. It's a 5 min read (or 15 mins if you watch the videos).

  Click here to read my "Songs of Love and War" tour blog

New Album

There is a new album in the making - but I need your help to make this one happen. I am registered as an artist with the Australian Cultural Fund, which enables any donations you make to my album fund to be tax-deductible. Rest assured, whilst it is a government organisation, 100% of funds raised goes directly to financing my album. 

It's tax time, isn't it? Please give generously to my artistic endeavours, not the Government!

A HUGE thank you to the supporters who have already made a donation. x

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to my album fund

I hope this email finds you happy and well. I'd love to hear from you and what you've been up to. Many thanks for your ongoing support. It means so much. 

Much Musical love

Francesca de Valence