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Francesca de Valence

Dear Friends,

It is with much excitement that I share with you my new single “Yellow feat. Megalodon”. In this email you can watch the video, get a copy of the track and find out about the single launch concert celebration.

“Yellow” is one of my favourite tracks from my Own Self album, possibly because of the joy of it, but probably because it is such a different and new sound for me as an artist.

 In late 2016, I collaborated with Aussie hip hop artist, Megalodon and we added a rap to this track and remixed it.

 The collaborative spirit of this track extends also to the music video, which has been produced and directed by former TV news reporter-turned digital content creator and my friend, Alex Smith. It features gorgeous backdrops of Currumbin Beach, the Lockyer Valley and Warwick’s sunflower fields offering a timely reminder of Mother Nature’s generosity.

 ‘Yellow' is a song to honour the sun, the earth and magnificent love. 

Watch the Video Here

Instructions for use:

1. Drink this song in

2. Feel its joy and unconditional love

3. Forget the worrying state of world affairs 

4. Feel the skip return in your step

5. Rinse and repeat and share with your friends

How You Can Help 

 If you like what you hear, please share this video with your friends and on social media. That's the best way you could support me as an artist. Here is the direct YouTube link -

Buy "Yellow" for $1.99 from iTunes. You can also stream it on Spotify*. 

Sorry, this is only a digital release, so there are no hard copies. 

*People often ask me if playing my music on Spotify will financially support me as an artist, well Spotify works on volume of listeners and size of audience. So playing my music once there will pay me nothing, but if you want to add me to a playlist and play my music often and share with your friends, this can one turn into something more. Actually some bands who get hundreds of thousands of plays can make $10,000 or so. I'm so honoured that you, my friends and fans, support me by coming to a show, buying my music and cheering me on from the sideline.

Francesca de Valence, "Yellow feat. Megalodon" Single Launch
Double Launch with Byron Short & the Sunset Junkies, and guest artist Boatkeeper
Fri 24 Feb, 8pm, Black Bear Lodge
Tickets $15 presale / $20 door 

*this is a band show - expect lots of collaborations and fun! 

With so much thanks to Brennan Smith, Alex Smith, Nick O'Donnell, Paul McKercher, Tony Dean, Courtney Smith, Roger McClelland, Carrah Jordan, Kristine and Chris Dennis, Byron Short, Dave and Julie Collins, Kim Cook, Mother Nature and the magnificent Sun!

May this joyous, unconditionally-loving song help to put a skip back in our collective step ♥

All the Love

Francesca de Valence